Set a beautiful table

Dining room table

My husband and I were fortunate to have a chance to start over together with furniture when we bought our house five year ago.

One of our favourite finds was our dining room table, which aside from the colour, is basically the same as the one in this photo. This table was found in the beautiful Paris home of American designer, Minnie Mortimer, as depicted in Vogue magazine. (I feel very shi-shi just writing that. Who knew we were that chic?)

It’s one of the things we love the most. Our lovely oak table with lion paws for feet had its origins in Quebec and had been in the previous owner’s family for decades.

Later I’ll write a post about this handcrafted piece of furniture, and particularly how it works. It came not with one, two or three leaves. That’s right: we can extend to four leaves of grandeur. Seating for 10+ is ours for the taking. We expand it by fiddling with the one hundred-year-old hardware and levers that are tucked away inside, working the magic of transforming it from a circular table for four, to opening up the pedestal base to make a table that feeds 10 happy people. It makes hosting Christmas dinners, playing games, and working from home all the more cozy, elegant and fun.


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