Food is gorgeous


I can thank Gordon Ramsay for my new view on food.

On the days leading up to Christmas this year my mother-in-law and I were switching between cooking what we could for Christmas dinner and sitting on the couch watching the latest marathon on HGTV or the Food Network. As a rule, I’m not into watching Gordon Ramsay pop a vein on his forehead. But for the holidays he does a show out of his kitchen with his kids on home cooking, and I got hooked.

I love my paleo cookbooks, yes I do. But there’s something awesome and comforting about being able to watch a TV show, write down a few ingredients, simple instructions, and then cook something better tasting than anything I’ve ever cooked before (sausage hotpot and potato/beet au gratin, if you’re wondering). I loved not just that it was easy peasy and amazingly delicious, but feeling like a normal person who eats things off of TV, just like that.

Every time Gordon Ramsay added something new to to the dish, he said one thing: gorgeous. Which I didn’t buy into at first. Is cream gorgeous? As it turns out, hells yes.

I’ve always been more HGTV than Food Network. But gorgeous food is something I can get behind.


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