Yay, transitional week!

If you're going to make your own almond milk, store it in style.
If you’re going to make your own almond milk, store it in style.

The point of setting myself up with a program wasn’t just to clean up my eating.

Given how busy I’m about to be when school starts up again, I needed to set myself up for success.

One of the tools they use is a daily email to check in and keep you on track. 

After I got my first email I realized, they totally get me.

Whenever I’ve cleaned up my eating, I need a transition week, otherwise I’m just inviting overwhelm and a swamp of discouraging feelings to come over for dinner.

My first email was called ‘transitional week!’  I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear that.

Since I’m following the autoimmune protocol, I went ahead and invested in The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, by Mickey Trescott. As far as e-cookbooks go, it’s a steal at $19. What you get is over a hundred recipes, safe food lists, cooking & meal plans, and accompanying shopping lists. On top of that it’s beautifully photographed and makes intimidating-sounding recipes like coconut milk, bone broth, and sauerkraut look super-easy (that is, if you have the right tools, which is a whole other post).

Here’s what I’ve done so far to get the ball rolling.

  1. Read. Read some more.
  2. Clean out the pantry, putting cans of legumes at the back and coconut milk at the front.
  3. Get started by making some staples like coconut milk for me, almond milk for my hubby.
  4. Scrape the labels off old applesauce jars and gin bottles.
  5. Store newly made almond milk in old gin bottle.
  6. Congratulate self on a job well done.

Now that I have more space in the pantry and something to put my homemade staples in, it’s time to go shopping for my pantry staples, and see if I can find myself a jicama!


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