I made mayo.

Easier than you'd think!
Easier than you’d think!

I’m not the kind of person who makes resolutions. However it occurred to me that if I ever wanted to clean up my diet and get back on track, January is THE month to do it. There is nary a holiday to face during the next 30 days.

Which brings me to the plan. After Googling paleo plans to get back on board I came across what’s called The Whole30 Program. Better yet they have a food list for autoimmune folks too. It’s time.

What’s been holding me back over the past year are two things. The first is stress and time. It’s no excuse, but school has a way of sucking the life out of you. The second is the main reason, which is that while in the past I kept a clean diet for two years, I didn’t want to go back to it. But things are different now.

During my first trip into a wheat and sugar free life in the late ’90s, ‘gluten free’ wasn’t anywhere on a food label in site. No gluten free bread, no gluten free aisle at the grocery store, no company except for celiacs who have a real diagnosis. The plan I was following was led by a slightly crazy and obsessive woman that didn’t lead to the kind of strength and support you need to stay in the game. It was diet by fear and intimidation, which she seemed to consider ‘tough love.’ If anything detoxing from the unhealthy environment took longer than detoxing from wheat!

But with 1. the internet 2. tonnes of online support and 3. knowledge about how to manage hypothyroidism with some anti-thyroid antibodies thrown in, I am feeling positive about taking the steps down the road to clean eating again.

So here’s the plan! The Whole30. These people know how to deliver a dose of tough love and perspective that I can get on board with. With my first batch of homemade mayonnaise under my belt (watch the video here on how, it’s super easy) I’m off to a good start. Of course I just learned that eggs are out for the autoimmune path, so this will be my last batch for a while!


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